Dream Chasers is a Hampton Roads based Consultation company. We specialize in credit repair, life insurance, business consultation and more. Let us know how we can help!


Dream Chasers is a consulting agency located in Hampton Roads Virginia. We specialize in helping people personally, professionally, and corporately get their company on the right track. We also help with startup companies as far as leadership training, team building, staff training, corporate retreats, and more. If you are in need of consulting for your business, or training for your church and its leadership, please contact us!

To help them to build a healthy business or ministry that can be successful in the area that they desire to focus on. Our energy is to help you properly startup a company or an existing one that would like to get back on track.

We run over four major conferences, and many one-day invite conferences a year that helps to assist in building a strong local church, business, brand, & personal development for the leader running the organization.

Credit Repair

Before you can have a successful business many times you need to show that you have the right credit score. Which basically means that you can be trusted with financial support from local banks as well. But first things first, you must learn the importance of cleaning up, and having good credit.

So we do the following:

We pull your credit
We will dispute charges
We give you tips and plans to build your credit along the way
We give you help on budgeting properly
We help prepare you to purchase your first home

We are currently working with First Priority Credit Solutions to help YOU repair your credit! Please contact 888-315-3635 for more information, or take the lead and get started today!!

Life Insurance

Many people do not understand the importance of having life insurance. By the time they do it’s to late, or frankly, to expensive. Our hope, is that you allow us to give you a great plan that will help protect your family during a loss of life. We want to insure that when someone has left, there are resources available for their family to be able to do the following:

• Maintain a cost of living
• Be able to afford to bury a loved one nice and respectfully
• Be able to supply basic household needs because of loss income